How to Draw a Boy Holding a Birthday Cake

boy holding a birthday cake

You can learn how to draw a boy holding a cake by following this tutorial.

First Step: Let’s begin by creating a delightful 3-tier cake with rich, creamy layers and complete it with candle arrangements. The largest tier will feature two candles on either side, the second tier will have two candles, and the smallest tier will be adorned with three candles. To add a touch of elegance, we will add decorative circles to the cake.

Second Step: Next, we will draw a cheerful boy holding the cake with a big smile. We’ll start by sketching his facial features and hair, then move on to his t-shirt, and finally, his hands.

Third Step: To bring the scene to life, we will add some colorful balloons and a “Happy Birthday” banner to the illustration.

Watch How to Draw a Boy Holding a Birthday Cake

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